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http://biomass.bandcamp.com biomass Audio Visualization Experiments initiated in Los Angeles, California 1990
Environment: headphones // loudspeakers // dark night
Frequency: α // Θ // bioluminescent psychedelic meditation
Process: emotionally dynamic electrosonic energy field activation into audiovision
Access: multi-dimensional potential for psychonauts & dancers

http://activatedaudiovision.blogspot.com The Activated Audio Vision website exists to collect and share art, sonic experiments, research and experiences about audio visual synesthesia: an ancient and modern cyber-shamanic phenomena of seeing sound. Emerging from the black pool of the void new geometric dimensions and transforming architecture automatically interlace through high energy bioluminescent psychedelic meditation. biomass music on Beyerdynamic DT-990 headphones simultaneously with loudspeakers has been my preferred sonic driver in these bio-feedback self-experiments with psilocybin, dmt and lsd. Please explore the site, contribute and comment. biometrax [at] yahoo [dot] com

Walter ovtha woodz
San Diego CA  US


Profile Link: http://www.PsychedelicArtists.org/Biomass

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