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Emperor Of The Northernlight
HI. my name is Martin and i was born in Tromso(Norway) in 1992. and i stil lives here.
i work as an industrial-mekanicman. (grease monky)

my fawourite fenomen must be the Famous North-Light!

and i just love good art.
maby because it does not need to make sents.

my hobbies are making and playing good music ;)
Tool, MetallicA, mozart,tiesto and MM
now u know a little bit to much about me :P

BTW! There is NO such thing as eskimoes in Norway!! ;)
P.S my english is BAD i kow... But HEEY I'm from Norway what did you expect...

Profile Link: http://www.PsychedelicArtists.org/EmperorOfTheNorthernlight

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