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Yelling Moon's Gallery

Yelling Moon's Gallery

Posted by YellingMoon on 3/25/2016
North Carolina based artist from Georgia. He's 24 yrs old. Likes to work with many mediums and hopes to innovate the psychedelic experience through his visual expressions.

714 x 921 px  (456 KB)

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  • YellingMoon
    YellingMoon: I started this when a good friend of mine passed away. Her name was Anna, She killed herself this year. When that happened all i could think about was how she encouraged me constantly to keep my art and never stop producing it. It made me extra sad, mostly because i hadn't been making any art since high school. Her passing brought it out of me though and this is the first piece I've finished since I graduated in 2011. I hope to have many more soon. Thanks
    3/25/2016 8:18 PM

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