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Centerpeace: The Light Within

Centerpeace: The Light Within

Posted by Msplatt on 7/28/2010
 Featured by Justin on 12/10/2010
A mandala design drawn with markers on a millimeter sized graph paper grid approximately 8.5 inches square and containing 84,000 individually colored in squares. It took four years to create and was completed in 1977.

Centerpeace: The Light Within
Mandala of Radiant Energy
1000 x 1000 px  (353 KB)

 Artist:   Msplatt  Contact Artist 
I strive to create works that catch the mind's eye and stimulate the imagination, to touch the viewer's perceptions in a positive and pleasing manner, to engender a sense of wonder and perhaps expand awareness of the infinite boundaries of beauty.


  • Scalpel-Studio
    Scalpel-Studio: All I can say is wow, this is fantastic.
    7/12/2011 4:21 PM

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