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Fly Cube

Fly Cube

Posted by Lele on 5/20/2011
 Nominated for Feature by Andrew Ramstedt on 1/17/2012
Fluo Acrylic on cotton....
it is an experiment only

Fly Cube
768 x 1024 px  (954 KB)

 Artist:   Lele  ( ) Contact Artist 
Lele, born in Milan,Italy in 1976, I still have my lab near Milano now but dreaming to move with my labory in another city where art flow is more active.

i'm traveling for working.
Painter since 1999 I enjoy Time,colors and painting tools,my art born from feeling to remember the Sacred form of life,of narure, of mind...thankYouAll !

milano  20021 it
Phone: 00393470593373

  • Andrew Ramstedt
    Andrew Ramstedt: Totally incredible! Great job.
    1/17/2012 9:43 PM
  • America S First 3D Fluorescent Art Museum
    America S First 3D Fluorescent Art Museum: Hi,
    we are opening a 3D Fluorescent Museum in Newberry Florida. We are looking for black light painters for our opening. Unfortunately we don't have funds since we are just starting out. But if you'd like to send us a few pieces we would love to display your work. If you offer them for sale we would only ask a 20% commission.
    peace and love
    12/23/2013 4:04 PM

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