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Max D. Jacob
Painter Self-educated Graphic Designer, born in Brussels, Ixelles, 1954. Die in Bertrix 2007, BELGIUM. Starts drawing at an early age (with China ink in 1976), gouache painting around 1970, oil painting in 1979 and computer graphics in 1998 + attempts in animation. Also, artistic research within the "Groupe Experimental d'Art Universaliste" (GEAU). Influenced by Psychedelic Art, Ecology and several personal study trips in North AFRICA, INDIA, NEPAL, SRI LANKA & THAILAND. Mentioned in "De Belgische Beeldende Kunstenaars uit de 19de en de 20ste eeuw", in "Deux Siecles de Signatures d'Artistes de Belgique" and in "Le Dictionnaire des Artistes Plasticiens de Belgique du 19e et du 20e siecles" from Paul PIRON. My Art is called "MAXICHEDELIK" ( The Art of using one's brain "un max" for harmonious purposes and...) In mai 2001 I create my website and called "Maxdelik"


Profile Link: http://www.PsychedelicArtists.org/MaxDJacob

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