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Troy McCorvey
I am so so shall I be. Journey along by me and I shall put before you all that has gone by and forth cause theres never enough time to show thee all thy grandeur of my palace. For you see we have to keep hiding and hiding forever and ever from the present for the undertaking shall be if we find it means the games forever over. Only it isn't really over you see cause we can play games all day long and never grow tired but being tired is only a result of lack of sleep and sleep is for the weak for dont you see being a wake is to enjoy what isn't and a dream is to enjoy what is.Ill tell you more about it later once I've gotten some rest.See my child rest is a good attribute to have for youre neither a wake or a dream but rather a waking dream and a dreaming wake. Dont you see who wants to dream all day when you can wake and bake under a tree and dream about waking and waking of dreaming. But I shall say do as you please for the key to you is me and you to me. Now come along with me in what shall be a nonsensical land of pure whimsical thought, so dont be scared for youre as strong as you need to be and dont let those nonsensical creatures frighten you you know they mean no harm just pet them on the backs and theyll back to front. Oh! isn't it beautiful Aren't we beautiful! Yes! Yes! We ARE! Never before have I seen the ocean flow so smoothly as we do


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